31 July 2013

The training of guides around Trusty’s Hill, earlier this year, proved useful when the Gatehouse Development Initiative organised a tour of Trusty’s Hill today as part of Gatehouse of Fleet Gala Week. The walk to Trusty’s Hill proved very popular with some … Continue reading

19 June 2013

In preparing the Discover Dark Age Galloway leaflet, GUARD Archaeology’s Graphics Officer created a reconstruction illustration of Trusty’s Hill, as it might have looked in its heyday during the late sixth century AD. While there is of course a bit of conjecture … Continue reading

20 May 2013

A new leaflet, Discover Dark Age Galloway, has been launched by the Galloway Picts Project, promoting many of the Dark Age sites that survive in Dumfries and Galloway. Last year’s excavation revealed that Trusty Hill once very likely lay at the … Continue reading

2 May 2013

Just received the bayesian analysis of the radiocarbon dates from Derek Hamilton of SUERC, which suggests that the early medieval occupation of the summit began in cal AD 475-560 and ended in cal AD 560-630. The occupation of the summit … Continue reading