21 May 2012

Another wonderfully sunny day on site. Trench 5 is progressing nicely while trench 4 was expanded to the south. The spoil from both the trenches is being sieved and the finds recorded. We had our first piece of evidence for prehistoric occupation of the hill today – a nice piece of flint left over from tool making. Trusty’s Hill seems to have been a popular spot for a long time. Another good day with an enthusiastic team of volunteers. We look forward to continuing our excavations tomorrow and uncovering more of the story of the hill, hopefully with more excellent weather.

20 May 2012

After getting all our equipment up to site, we began work on the first two of our trenches. Having surveyed them in, the whole team pitched in with the deturfing of Trench 4, and teamwork was rewarded with the discovery of a possible whetstone some vitrified stone fragments. Work then started on Trench 5 which was also deturfed. Back in Trench 4, we began to dig into the backfill of the previous excavations, and sieving of this material produced more vitrified stone and some bone. A good day with a great team and lots of sun! Beth

20th May 2012

20th May 2012

19 May 2012

Our training day got underway this morning at the Mill of the Fleet, with 30 local participants attending. A lot of interest and fantastic questions from the group. From the reaction we had on the site tour in the afternoon, we’ll have an exceptional group of volunteers. And best of all…it should be sunny for most of the week ahead.

19th May 2012

19th May 2012

18 May 2012

The field survey team from RCAHMS have just finished preparing a new plan of Trusty’s Hill, following their topographic survey of the site over the last few weeks. This is the first modern survey of Trusty’s Hill and will be incredibly useful for our excavation. So well done and thank you RCAHMS!’

Recent RCAHMS Sponsored Survey of Inscribed Symbols at Trusty’s Hill

RCAHMS survey plan of Trusty's Hill. Derived from information compiled by and copyright of RCAHMS

3D model of Trusty’s Hill