21 April 2015

Along with the evidence for gold, silver, leaded bronze and iron working, Trusty’s Hill also produced a small but impressive assemblage of metal artefacts. The high quality of the ironwork assemblage in particular, especially given the small scale of excavations, is a good … Continue reading

1 September 2014

The summary results of the excavation of Trusty’s Hill was published recently in the latest volume of the Transactions of the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society (Volume 87, 2013). This report is intended simply as an interim report, in advance … Continue reading

18 June 2014

Trusty’s Hill has once again been at the fore in Gatehouse recently. Following Stuart McHardy’s talk on the Pictish Carvings at Trusty’s Hill in the Faed Gallery during the Big Lit Festival on 18 May, the Ayrshire Archaeological and Natural History Society … Continue reading