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Ancient chronicles talk about the Picts of Galloway, a wild fierce people from the Dark Ages. While historians nowadays seem convinced that there were never Picts in Galloway, there is one place in south-west Scotland where apparently incontrovertible evidence for Picts survives.

Trusty’s Hill is a vitrified fort, conspicuous amongst the many ancient hillforts of Galloway for its Pictish Symbol Stone. The Pictish Symbols at Trusty’s Hill probably date to a period in the first millennium AD when south-west Scotland was inhabited by people usually perceived to be Britons, not Picts.

So what is this Pictish Symbol Stone doing in Galloway?

This is what the Dumfriesshire and Galloway Natural History and Antiquarian Society would like to know. This is what the Galloway Picts Project aims to find out.

Pictish & Ogham Inscriptions Trusty's Hill