16 May 2014

An expanded exhibition of Trusty’s Hill has now opened at the Mill on the Fleet, just in time for this weekend’s Big Lit Festival in Gatehouse of Fleet, and will run until 20th July. This new exhibition builds upon the previous one, by presenting more of the antiquarian background to the site, the processes by which the new finds were discovered in 2012, the forgotten cultural legacy of Rheged and the subsequent emergence of Galloway in the medieval period. These new panels were created for the Gatehouse Development Initiative’s All our Stories HLF project, which sought to build on the local legacy of the dig.  I understand that the Mill on the Fleet aims to add a further section of the exhibition to cover the activities of Gatehouse Primary School and the local volunteer guides who, as part of the same project, were trained to give guided tours of the site. I also understand that author Stuart McHardy is giving a talk on The Picts of Trusty’s Hill at the Mill on the Fleet this Sunday (12 – 1pm), to discuss how his distinctive views of the Picts have led him to an interesting ‘take’ on the importance of Trusty’s Hill. Sounds intriguing!

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